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released April 8, 2016

beats: All These Fingers
rhymes: Jack Wilson
Deric Norgren appears on track 5 courtesy ACME records




Jack Wilson Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Headband Acid Tab
fear & loathing like I'm coasting through the desert fast
shredding all the evidence of coping with a sketchy past
eating all the vitamins and minerals,
defeating all the vilest of criminals
retreating into nihilistic principles
"how alive? too alive" maneuvering
a cell phone interview to prove that I'm good at computering
I'm good at everything! just put that on my resume
book me for the festival, the rest'll lend itself to fate
I'm seldom getting baited into healthy debates
I'd rather tell 'em how I made it in compelling new ways
5% knowledge of self, with no guru
lone wolf circling the masons and the Zulu
drones took photos - my face is pasted up in every temple
showing every new recruit they've got potential
and I'm not just making words up as I go along
I'm showing how to find enlightenment through hip-hop songs

so peep how deep my technique freaks and how my shit sounds
so peep how deep my technique freaks and how my shit sounds

that's kinda what it was about before the vultures got it
re-appropriation of another culture's not it
part-time emulation is the new sensation
this thing called hip-hop's only one of many cable stations
take it or leave it, just choose the best accessory
consume the main ingredient, while altering the recipe
assume once it's eaten, you exhume a new demon
so the focus group is growing in reverse of its true meaning
this ain't clue, mr. green in the study
but it is a pipe/wrench/rope to rescue everybody
bring it back to the best of your aspects
since the Africans, Persians and Aztecs
since your casket is certain and your soul's not
probably should put a down-payment on the whole plot
don't mind me, I was never really here
but you'll probably never cease to hear me whisper in your ear
Track Name: Castlevania
thought it on a Thursday, bottom of the night time
bottle after bottle of it got me in my right mind
all i need is holy water sprinkled on my head
because the devil's introduced himself and god (I think) has fled
I'm bout to thermal combust, hop out a worm hole like a warp zone
my warm soul's been warn cold, & the itch never got no cortizone
til the picture clears up, perk your ears up
beat the fear, duck & don't deplete the tear ducts
my stare is legendary, my manner is david banner
my grammar is danny tanner, my candor is wayne manor
see the butler in a tux, call him penguin
squinting through a monacle, accent from england
fact check the internet, slacks got a skinny leg
crackin' a cigarillo, tappin' a mini-keg
advanced age, back page, no fuss
but I bet you all your dough I ain't regretted it once

I'm on my Castlevania, lasso-ing the undead
snatching up a few hearts, and crashing in your girl's bed
trading in a few parts for a refurbished version
return the worthless and seek earnest courage (x2)

how you ever thought about me comin' less than fly?
always had a calling, but I just got up to testify
while you in the pew, wondering what to do
the thunder struck above and all the prophecies came true
the Wonderwall is solved, the Blunder Bus is on a roll
Detroit will never cease to rock, Jack's drummer got a lot of soul
- I spit a buncha verses with him in the 'burgh
homie had the illest crackle that a rapper ever heard
I walk the line between insanity and genius, hand on the penis
seeing from outside of Earth like standing on Venus
peeing against the wall and splattering my Nike dunks
the number one indication that I might be drunk
All These Fingers got the bucket-y beats
I mean, I ain't no singer but the melody's sweet
if you just took a stinger to the solar plexis
double-over, catch your breath, and control your breakfast

I'm on my Castlevania, lasso-ing the undead
snatching up a few hearts, and crashing in your girl's bed
trading in a few parts for a refurbished version
return the worthless and seek earnest courage (x2)
Track Name: Nite Tripper
another sunset lost from a rotating motion
time to chase the moon out into the open
tell it reverse when it circles the Earth
so we can bring it back to our original birth

hollow certified, emotionless - extremely distant
follow the road reciting mantras like a dreamy mystic
swallowing potions of the wicked witches in my city
going through motions tryna get the riches being witty
it's like a magic trick, the gift of gab's abracadabra
you practice sticking jabs and learn quick that a vic'll stab ya'
I'd rather meditate on the knowledge
cuz after 12th grade, I went straight to college
but never knew the proper path I wanted to pursue
learned the proper math, watched the lines on the graph become unglued
the probabilities increased as I approached zero
could've just focused on peace and been a folk hero
extreme intensity never ceased, so I took it higher
grounded myself a little more firmly, and hooked to wires
opened my hand and asked if anyone would take the fire
I still burn, having never learned to embrace the pyre

another sunset lost from a rotating motion
time to chase the moon out into the open
tell it reverse when it circles the Earth
so we can bring it back to our original birth (x2)

second take, wide awake - 'fraid of jake? never
pensive face, time & place - serve the cake clever
I got the hottest shit your brain could wrap its head around
but you been busy tugging on sleeves of a deader crowd
the zombie apocalypse started when You got bit
I used to pilot, but I spied it, ejected the cockpit
you're useless as the fuselage, I'm lucky in my parachute
it's clunky being human, your movements can embarrass you
another sunset lost at the work desk
another 32 bars trying to perfect
thinking since sleep is the cousin of sure death
I'm staying up, tweaked til the hangovers hurt less
and staying upbeat bout the fate of a lost time
the fake art, ain't easy on the heart, so I cross mine
out with the bad, in with the good
I've got the proper arc, the spark and the kindling wood
Track Name: The Masses
how am I supposed to prosper
when I can barely Stay Alive
I'm in New York like Tony Manero
but don't nobody seem to care, though

there's no escaping the day-to-day in decision making
pay-to-play, the way to the top is either invigorating
or intimidating, maybe both - if it's breaking your spirit
no use of dancing to the music if you can't hear it
I used to doubt, but check the message, cuz it's true
the world will carry on without a clue, without you
the masses tend to move in a counter-active pursuit
they're living for the moment like a fully-ripened fruit
never caring that it fell within the reach of the root
or that a tree releases seeds so that its soul can reproduce
cracked sprout dug into the dirt and never backing out
Jack shout rubber-banded tongue and a slack mouth
locked jaw rock star impervious to criticism
worried by my own voices forcing me to listen
a flurry of phrases, floating random and ageless
that I manifest out of thin air and then paste on the pages

how am I supposed to flourish
when I'm always in a mess?
I'm in New York like PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke
it's highs and lows like a weather report

how am I supposed to advance?
when the tunnel of the train's blocked
I'm in New York like hip-hop since the 70's
paying taxes and penalties

it's who you know in this crazy stew, but I'm working hard
paying for my lunch with a $20 rewards card
saving up my pay stubs like report cards, good citizen!
A is for arranging all your debt to be forgiven
both consumer and human, you get a B for the balance
although you might cruise to a C if the curve causes a callous
nerve gas in Syria, murdered masses a past-time
no need for an expiration date, already past mine
sour as a Flemish ale, and tower over towns
grabbing clouds, diverting power surges, two feet on the ground
it moves me to tears, to see these new pioneers
they google-eyed and fluid-filled, I'm lucid and clear
taking a page from 80's rappers with the intricate patterns
with all these child actors, does it really even matter?
the masses are duped, I'm just a splash in the soup
soon for an ending scene like James Dean crashing the coupe

how is this supposed to end
when I can't see past the given day?
I'm in New York like Kid-N-Play
(I'm in New York like Tina Fey)
Track Name: Have a Fun Stay (feat. Deric Norgren)
seeping in through osmosis...
I see the fear in the faces, and see the traces
I'm crossing bridges, crossing fingers, crossing laces
I'm underrated, under-paid and over-stimulated
leap of faith considered plotted proper, and then taken
hover like a helicopter, brother on the wing
wary of the weather, flinging letters like a sliing
into the enemy's cerebelum - melting all the bling
with a fundamental alchemy, making a new thing
a new thought, new ways to turn coal into a diamond
I've got more than a big mouth and impeccible timing
it's perspective if you get it, if you don't then keep climbing
all you need to know now, is that I'm proper with my rhyming
got a joint in the sock and a master lock on the language
been collecting all the jet fuel and discarding the baggage

Up up and away, as they say!
have a safe flight, and have a fun stay

(we're on a runway) x8

now draw all the bridges
the catapult just lanched & knocked off the hinges
rocks off - rolling stoner, hopped into a jagger bush
lopped off peter's cottontail and shot him with a dagger look
up up and away through the woods
made off with the money stash and half of the goods
traded off with the natives for some hash and a kayak
pelt hat rapper with a bartender buy back
trying not to let the fun times get me side-tracked
so thanks for the track homie, glad we could ride that
respect to my brother dums for knocking out another one
we gotta do something til the mothership comes
and I'll probably keep mumbling throughout the fade out
cookie-cutter song structure's totally played out
Track Name: Still Ain't Right
this one goes out to hip-hop culture worldwide
Black Lives Matter

yo it still ain't right - so we up all night (x8)

nobody wants to be a profile for a living
I stand along with with black america and their position
the power structure's making sure to keep race a division
but it's more a class action, kinda like it always has been
I come from the city of steel, and Carnegie
who knew he had a crew of immigrants working hard, daily
he paid them less than they deserved, by far
because he said that they'd just spend it at the bar
what you think? all that hard work deserves a little drink
it's like they tell you how to feel and try to tell you what to think
what to do, who to pray to - you been saved? you a Jew?
you got the blood of a slave? you got the chip in your tooth?
listen closely - the first step is to build a better YOU
develop variable skill sets, and continue to improve
I'm talking basic training, sergeant in your face before the sun is up
it still ain't right, we've gotta train for the fight

it still ain't right - so we up all night (x8)
Track Name: Scotch on the Rocks
we took the detour, it was summertime, the top was down
that jefferson starship - nothing's gonna stop us now
today's a rain delay, the rendezvous will be reset
won't get upset, regret, or rue the day we ever met
it's up to you to say the limits to our path are set
so many overwhelming options for you - that, I get
I guess the only part I wouldn't be wishing
is be to be seen as a stupid decision
I've got the cupid inscision scar, it grows with me, true story
- chose to keep it exposed as a clue, a warning
we'd do it in the morning and then go our separate ways
but I could still sense your essence for the rest of the day
I might for real say a sentence that I shouldnt have said
that's why I keep all these thoughts about you up in my head
but every once in a while, the right beat comes along
and you need to remind yourself the things you did wrong

am I talking to myself, or am I talking to you?
am I talking to myself, or am I talking to you?
am I talking to myself or am I talking to you?
am I talking to me?
or am I talking to you? (x2)

am I talking to me? I'd better hope so to write these raps
could be I'm loco, precisely why she might've passed
no tres ocho, more emo if it isn't blatant
relationship foul as a free throw, still a shot I'm takin'
the complications of the ego and its slow demise
depends on being told "no" a million different times
I'll probably never be so blind for a more true reason
I blew trees & thought about you & the view was treason
I'm through freezing, due for a new season
I guess I got more of a clue than a reason
but apparently I need one. apparently I never change the
channel on this re-run. inherently it seems dumb
very embarrasing, a clarity I'll never see
I'm talking to myself, cuz you ain't talking to me
I'm kinda macho, to be honest, so I stay on my feet
and you still get to keep the mystique

am I talking to myself, or am I talking to you?
am I talking to myself, or am I talking to you?
am I talking to myself or am I talking to you?
am I talking to me?
or am I talking to you? (x2)
Track Name: Botanicals
conscious kinda crooked, shoulders sorta sore
the holder of all the keys who still be knocking at the door
the molder of all the mud in a puddle of all the rain
controller of what to come and beholden to every claim
a force to be reckoned with the exception of any drama
intense to a detriment, probably got it from my mama
expected to be the best in my own method of reppin'
since the only competition was me, was there any question?
name a hip-hopper ain't shit talking, it's in the manual
the trigger's in the mind and the bullet is in the mandible
pull it back like a hammer and fire from every synapse
in a rat-tat-tatted fashion, both accurate and with passion
- I know flipping skills ain't contrary to getting bills
but beyond the barrier lies the chance to head for the hills
'nuff lead in the pencil, a metaphor for potential
the rhythm's a game of Connect Four in the mental
the rain is an eraser, the brain the only tracer
explain the hideaway that I'm seeking in a cerveza
in a secret oasis, a bangin' beat from the basement
you'd rather sleep on the genius, we both proceed to be wasted
I guarantee I'ma make it, in fact I made it already
a penne bolognese, the rest are just a plate of spaghetti
nah, ain't afraid to be simple & conversational
a ripple in the consciousness displays each others' thoughts are relational
like target practice for a marksman who's a Marxist
the connection is the message, expression is the catharsis
I got bars, miss! started with a bar kiss
took me to the parking lot, fucked me in her car & dipped
listening to 'do it in the road' by the Beatles
as she drove away speeding, "yelling that was what I needed!"
I dedicate this last 16 to the Black Sheep
not the 90's rappers - well, the 90's rappers, actually
plus for those of us who've gotta muscle through the crowd
never really fitting in, but never finding a way out
so you're the type to sit and watch the whole thing play out
but after a while, you're like "I've got something to say now"
you stand up and get knocked back - it happens
the trick's to follow that with planned attack, not just reaction
"inhale deep like the words of my breath
I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death"
since I learned from the best, I'm trying to further the steps
there's gotta be more than just clowns, crooks, and murderers left
the foundation's been cemented, every word I've written, meant it
hasn't been better intended since the language was invented
threatening a bender from July to December
if I die, just remember, that his inner-eye was centered.