by Keor Meteor + Jack Wilson

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We need some extra spending $! Drifter is one of my lyrical masterpieces and one of the first tracks Keor and I collaborated on, but the ealier mix was from like 4 years ago so I decided to bounce a better one and sell that shit for a buck. $.50 for each of us. but if 500 of you download this track, that gives Keor and me like $230 ea* to spend on beers & smokes & whatnot. Thanks!
*you know bandcamp gonna get theirs


Heaven sounds a little bit too perfect, gimme purgatory
Earth is boring, but I guess this person form is worth it
if I piss it all away blissfully, dreaming that I'm history
the meanings interweave
and soon it seems that I've been missing sleep
Mister of the mist as a mystic, too hedonistic
found a cycle bright and twisted I could travel off the grid with
busy planting what I'm given, needn't further feed the system
worker bee nervous he'll end up on the streets or in prison
A Hurculean inquisition on existence from a pauper's pen
since modern authors are talkers, it's properly adopted, then
got a lot to offer them - but not a pass or pedigree
so members have a tendency to spread their seed instead of me
this 'Johnny' doesn't need an apple stand, he's got a master plan
to unravel these raps as he travels far as the map will span
from Africa to Khazikstan, diaspora displacement statement
wish we could erase it, give it all back to the Natives
like my namesake, they plain take, and think that they've escaped fate
they'd better hope there ain't an after-life because they ain't safe
satellite gathering data beamed back to my galaxy
there ain't no Milky Way I'm staying after this capsule leaves
I'll drift along with space junk & transmuted funk
reception sharp as safety pins on patches of a skater punk
connection fibers wired through my spine by design
un-plug the one to keep the positive sound in my mind
round round ready write, roll black hole dense
type Zen with a fidgety physical, intense
hyper-critical condition better ready the defibrillator
last zap before it's back to the Originator

And they're gonna be fine without me
Yeah they're gonna be fine without me
Cuz they gotta be fine without me
So they're gonna be fine without me

Too fatalistic? I hope it doesn't come off as hopeless
I chose the path I came to know would be the dopest
I rose to rafters, closed some chapters, kept some some others open
my glow was captured through this rap shit, feeling like I'm chosen
so many voices that their ears is filled with hella static
I take to task to break the wax, and cast a spell of magic
we travel fast into the after-life, so while I'm breathing
I'm down to lead the oddest of us to come out as even
meek, other cheek re-possessors, clever repartee
speak on a pretty beat - letters over-heat
get him to the Greek alphabet and calculate the Alpha Beta
gamma rays to shower spray devour and annihilate ya
meta/data/entry/level/headed when the needle's threaded
tethered to the spool of Old School, don't forget it
to the ah, tic-tock he Drifted off course
Never try to follow a path that's not yours!


released January 31, 2015
Produced by Keor Meteor
Lyrics by Jack Wilson
Contains a (fair use) sample from "Drifting Along" by Jamiroquai




Jack Wilson Brooklyn, New York

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