by Jack Wilson / Washed Out

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My city is the freshest, like the Portland of the Midwest
it's important that we stress how much we love our city, yes
from Homestead to Coraopolis, and valleys in between
we live in different neighborhoods but root for the same teams
and chasing the same dreams, erasing a rough past
stay butter like production from Huggy or Dj Buspass
tough as the Bus #36, McCutch #22, or Brooks Orpik #44
tax free corporate, score more than a Pitt forward
Warhol from a poor hood, spread wings far as his span could
simply flipped the script by selling silkscreens of a canned good
some dudes panhandle for fans, I manhandle jams
one hand on a Permanti's spitting sweet talk - candied yams
damn, he's hamming it up in front of the camera now
man, we ran the gamut on your current flavor profile
it's so foul what goes down in hometowns, there's no doubt
it doesn't make a difference cuz I broke out,
I'm po, broke and dope now
the buzz is like a buzzard chewing at the flesh
I woke up, put the skills to the test, kept the agenda fresh
tend to stress the heady letters, might be closer to heaven
on point out of the scramble like a throw from #7
I blow a kiss to the poetry I wrote on the bridges
hard to be a star with people all up in your business
the sunsets are the prettiest from benches in Frick Park
or the Allegheny Cemetery, stay after it gets dark
or head down to the river, taking a pounder to the head
a quick detour to graffiti all the freighters instead
young, free, and half dead, dumb decisions and all
because it doesn't take long for the 'burgh to start to feel small
'you feel it all around', a little town with a big heart
growing up in Pittsburgh is a great place to start
and a good city to build skills in, to wield pills in
but world-renoun treatment for cancer and ill children
no longer make steel in, but a working class feeling
word to PPG we'll never reach no glass ceiling
I'm a Lawrencevillain coming out of the new Gotham
vote Peduto over Luke in May, mayor in autumn

I'm tuning to Selecta on the radio dial
while checkin out the pretty lady with the radiant smile

Smilo be flowin' free like wise poet B-Tree
some of these other hacks be stuck in traffic back to Greentree

4th Quarter, 1 timeout, and 2 minutes left
we run a long Baum boulevard til it intersects
East end beast feeding on a dozen chicken wings
beer snob with a day job drinking a cheap Yuengling
can't stomach Iron City cuz it's made from river water
wash it down, Washed Out on the track at the Regatta
Timbomb tickin' on this city, bout to blow
in the tunnel like Mean Joe #75 and a kid with a Coke


released January 6, 2013




Jack Wilson Brooklyn, New York

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