Sunken (dnb mix) DJ Schmee J feat. Jack Wilson

by Jack Wilson DJ Schmee J

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"Lost" unreleased drum&bass mix by DJ Schmee J (Seattle) on which I was supposed to feature. chopped&blended to feature my parts.


dark root, shallow grave
sharp tooth, serenade
part loop, master fade
chartruese denouement

big bust, lip cut spit crud bloody
kick grit ugly after split stuff duchy
gettin' up lovely with the first of the sun
not laying down again until the verses are done

sharp stick, dynamite
smart kick, after-bite
we have to scrap, to keep the peace
I wrote these raps to find sweet release
and what I found down where my mind dwells
is a harmony in tune with the chime bells
the tao de ching, rhymes keep the prayer subtle
spirit floating to the top like an air bubble

all of this noise has been made from scratch
you had something once & no one's taking that
but when it feels like you're bout to start breaking bad
time to turn up, & turn it off - fade to black

he was a nice kid as a youth
yearbooks and love letters saved as proof
they had a nice run as a young couple
til the bills and the drugs and the trouble double.

tomorrow's always another day in this big world
hot air hair spray enough to leave your wigs curled
the static wants to infiltrate the landscape
but the ways of magic staying rooted in the mandrake
if he doesn't learn to give, then man take
so man take, make the land quake
like the deep bass, in tune with the drum
in 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

so now what? how you gonna grow?
maladjusted, foul and slow
so you own the book, know nothin' bout it though
you'd rather stare at screens hoping to absorb the glow

dark time sunshine, tunnel lights, obstructed view
underground rapper with a day job, W2
lips move smooth as WD40
lyrics deep sea diver off gone exploring
these rappers bore me with the basic way they conversate
watch it get eaten up before it's even on the plate
my style is fresh and yet it's got no experation date
steady stay create with lyrics heavy as a paper weight

and you don't stop the rock from sinking
I grew gills while you were swallowing pills
all the little dots are blinking
the current's so deep that it's giving me chills
take a little time to remember
all the images you might have forgotten
chop it all up in a blender
but throw it out if it smells rotten

if you feel rotten
if you feel rotten
if you feel rotten
if you feel rotten

oh you thought this was over?
never hesitate to second guess yourself
it may mean a little more exposure
but self-examination's never bad for your health
if you take a dive and wanna stay alive you must equip
yourself with oxygen enough for the entire trip
cuz if your lips are swollen and you're dizzy? then prepare for decompression
the brain begins to drift as the inhalation lessens
the mind starts to slip, causing time to cease to exist
and still you're gonna get a lot deeper than this
before you sleep with the fish, you need a reason to breathe
ready to take a quick dip, but wasn't eager to freeze
considered fleeing the scene, but not an excellent swimmer
and now the sharks have sensed the panic, started circling dinner
so as you drown in a pool of your own bad decisions
let the self melt away and give in to the fading vision


released January 25, 2014
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Jack Wilson Brooklyn, New York

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